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Here are a list of different links to different sites with some pretty neat stuff to download. Also, be sure to download a surf-bar or two from above to earn some X-tra money. It's not going to make you rich, but it will however put some money in your pocket. It's worth a try.

For a limited time offer, a CD with HTML editor, Gif Animation editor, Game and other Demos, Animated Gifs, BackGrounds, Links to some interesting Sites, and misc., just $2.00 for P&H. E-Mail down below for more info.
Backgrounds- BackGround(Starter) BackGround2 BackGround3 BackGround4 BackGround5 BackGround6

Animated Gifs- AnimatedGif1 AnimatedGif2 AnimatedGif3 AnimatedGif4 AnimatedGif5 AnimatedGif6 AnimatedGif7

Tools- ToolLink1 ToolLink2 ToolLink3 ToolLink4 ToolLink5 ToolLink6

Sites to put your web pages in.

Most of these sites you can just Upload to.

And now the Final one. Search Engines, Posting your website.

AltaVista Find this:   

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Midi-If you would like to use a Midi on your website, here is the string for it.
EMBED src="????.mid" WIDTH="130" HEIGHT="52" autostart="true" loop="true">

Not to show the player is,
bgsound src="?????.mid" loop=infinite

Be Sure To Add The < At The Beggining And The > At The End.


Other Great Links. Make Money By Surfing. Money Making. House Of Harkonnen. House Atreides.

Download Some Cool Website Software Now !
Download Some Cool Website Software Now !

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