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Things That You Should Know.

The CD is still in it's early stages. I'm trying to add a total of 80 pages to it and about 200 different files which includes Midi's, JPG's, Gif's, and Animated Gif's which you can use for your website.

What is the purpose of the CD you may ask?

Well, unless you have a DSL (with all the high graphics on it) It would load up very slow. Being on the CD, the graphics loads up alot faster than online. So you get the full effect. Also the fact that I'm really into Halloween.

How can you afford this with the cost of the CD's?

By my sponors. So it's very important that you check out some of my sponsors and get involved with some of them. Like playing games or just checking out their sites. Most which doesn't cost anything to play or join. The more you get involved the faster I can process the CD's out. Trust me, it's worth it.

What are the requirements?

Should use IE 4.0 or higher.
Best viewed in 800 X 600 Res. or higher.
Your CD Drive should be the D: drive.
You must be connected to Online.
Right now, it does not work well with Netscape Nav. If you have a solution to that, please let me know.
The most important thing is that, It (by all mean) have to and a must, be viewed in the dark with the sound turned up.

What if my CD Drive is the E: Drive and my Slave Drive is the D: Drive?

Goto your CD Drive and look for a Folder called HALLOWEEN.
Copy That Folder (By going to it, right click it and hit copy) and goto your D: Drive and hit Paste.
(Don't worry, it's only about 35 Megs.)
On the CD Drive, Look for a file called START.HTM and Copy it straight to your D: Drive.
(Not in the HALLOWEEN Folder.)

Is there anything else on the CD?

Yes. The CD has about 350 Megs. It has Demos, Games, Cliparts, Animated Gifs (Not just Halloween), and many more.
It also can help you on how to make money online (For Free of course).

How can I get a Free CD or have my banner put onto it?

Your Website MUST be Halloween orientated and preferably Scary.
The way I have it set up is that, even though I have CD's out now, I can change a couple of things online and your banner is displayed on all the CD's that's already out now. The Wonders Of Advertisements.
As for the Free CD, Goto my Forum, Look for the Free CD and hit Reply.
I also just put in a WebRing, if you would like to join.

Can I copy the CD and give it to a friend?

Yes, you may. It's not Copyrighted.